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 Now this is just the first step towards total and complete world domination but at least we have our foot in the door. Our main goal is to become a legitimate official store and franchise because as I'm sure you have noticed A lot of the store fronts for the retail and sales of anime and Japanese culture items are swiftly becoming extinct and reverting to the cyber sales of their items. But my philosophy is simple, 

Provide a place not only to sell and exchange items, but also a place for people to come together and watch their favorite anime or play their favorite games. A place where you can rock that new Hatsune Miku Cosplay you got and not have to wait for a convention or Halloween. Bring people together and open the door to those who know not the the difference between a guy that looks like a girl talks like a girl and walks like a girl and a girl that looks like a cat. We are otaku and the real world is too boring.

       Were small right now, but were growing, and the anime community is a big one. First become known, then create a storefront, retail the lowest prices in anime and Japanese Media paraphernalia. Destroy the competition and turn the world on its ears. Are you with us? Think you can survive in the crazy anime world? Join the madness that is Freelance Anime~  

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Mizuki Nana & Takayama Minami (Senki Zesshou Symphogear Character Song Series 1 - Zwei Wing)

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Tired of Weeaboos making upstanding otaku look bad? Are you a Weeb wanting to find out how you can become a better member of your Otaku society? Freelance Anime is Writing the book for you~
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